Krabi: Part 1


Travel to Krabi for honeymoon. Yeah. I shoot using my trusty Fuji X100 (always a perfect travel camera).


DSCF7870DSCF7331 DSCF7332 DSCF7333 DSCF7336 DSCF7338 DSCF7344 DSCF7353 DSCF7354 DSCF7360DSCF7363 DSCF7365 DSCF7373 DSCF7375 DSCF7377 DSCF7379 DSCF7380 DSCF7384 DSCF7387DSCF7399 DSCF7430 DSCF7435 DSCF7436 DSCF7441 DSCF7486 DSCF7492 DSCF7507 DSCF7521 DSCF7528 DSCF7530 DSCF7539 DSCF7546 DSCF7549 DSCF7556 DSCF7561 DSCF7567 DSCF7569DSCF7571 DSCF7580 DSCF7582 DSCF7589 DSCF7593 DSCF7596 DSCF7598 DSCF7599 DSCF7602 DSCF7603 DSCF7604 DSCF7609 DSCF7612 DSCF7616 DSCF7623 DSCF7633 DSCF7638 DSCF7640DSCF7642 DSCF7644 DSCF7646 DSCF7680 DSCF7689 DSCF7695 DSCF7704 DSCF7705 DSCF7708 DSCF7711 DSCF7712 DSCF7715 DSCF7716 DSCF7718 DSCF7719 DSCF7723 copy DSCF7729 DSCF7731DSCF7734 DSCF7741 DSCF7743 DSCF7754 DSCF7762 DSCF7766 DSCF7776 DSCF7778 DSCF7796 DSCF7797 DSCF7798 DSCF7814 DSCF7829 DSCF7834 DSCF7836 DSCF7844 DSCF7845DSCF7846 DSCF7850 DSCF7856 DSCF7859 DSCF7861 DSCF7864 DSCF7865 DSCF7867 DSCF7868 DSCF7869 DSCF7873 DSCF7874 DSCF7876 DSCF7877 DSCF7878 DSCF7879 DSCF7880DSCF7883 DSCF7884 DSCF7892 DSCF7896 DSCF7903 DSCF7910 DSCF7911 DSCF7923 DSCF7934 DSCF7935 DSCF7936 DSCF7940 DSCF7941 DSCF7968 DSCF7983

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